A young woman in the produce aisle picking up groceries

Pickup Lines for the Grocery Store

by Jeannie Assimos - July 20, 2012

Everybody’s gotta eat. The grocery store is a great place to meet cute strangers in your neighborhood — ones who might even be able to cook!

Here are ten pickup lines to try at the grocery store. (A sense of humor is required.)

1. “Let me help you with that.“ The most practical of the lines on the list, it’s really only effective when you actually help the person out. If you’re tall, and the cutie in aisle 6 can’t reach the top shelf, offer your long-armed services. If he/she looks a little lost, launch into salesperson mode, with a twinkle in your eye: “Can I help you?”

2. “The expiration date says ‘best if used by tonight.’ Can I make you dinner?” Be prepared for a laugh. Also, there’s always a chance that cute stranger you’re flirting with takes you up on your offer. Be prepared to cook.

3. Small talk is easy when you have something in common. If you’re both reading the nutritional information on sugary cereal boxes, point out the obvious: “I’m trying to convince myself that Corn Pops are healthy.”

4. Without playing dumb, ask for help or an opinion: “How do you know when an avocado is ripe?”

5. Break out the puns. Cringe-worthy puns can break the ice. (Use at your own risk.) “Funny meat-ing you here.” “This selection is nuts.” “Orange you glad citrus is finally in season?”

6. Check out your new crush’s shopping-cart contents. “Wow, looks like dinner’s at your place tonight.”

7. Hang out by the free samples then offer to “buy” dinner. Be sure to treat the sample lady with respect. Offer to tip.

8. End your grocery-store chitchat with, “I had a great time tonight. Would you like to plan the second date?”

9. If you’re standing in line together, comment on a ridiculous tabloid headline. “It’s the end of the world — again!” Bond over the ridiculous.

10. Pretend to be doing an informal survey. “If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be?”

11. The best pickup lines are harmless and fun: “Do you know if they sell organic Oreos?”

What (if any) pickup lines have worked for you while shopping?