10 Pickup Lines At Church

church pickup lines

Whether you’re a regular or seasonal churchgoer, here are some pickup lines to try should a cute stranger squeeze in the pew beside you.

(Sure, the lines are cheesy — as most pickup lines are. But you’ll quickly discover whether or not said stranger has a sense of humour.)

  1. Nice Bible.
  2. I was reading through the Book of Numbers and realized that I didn’t have yours.
  3. Your name must be Grace because you’re amazing.
  4. If your name is Will: “Hi, I’m Will. God’s Will…for your life.”
  5. You put the “stud” in Bible study.
  6. I’m not usually very prophetic, but I can see us together.
  7. Unfortunately, I can’t perform miracles. I’ve only got enough bread and fish for two people. Wanna come over for dinner?
  8. I feel like God’s telling me to ask you out.
  9. Is your name Esther? Because I believe you were chosen for such a time as this.
  10. Some girls are looking for a knight in shining armour. I prefer a man wearing the armour of God.