4 Healthy Date Ideas

healthy date ideas

Worried that dating will sabotage those New Year’s resolutions? Why not choose to get healthier as a couple this year?

Here are some of our favourite healthy date ideas:

Take a Class

Learn something new together while you raise your heart rates. Take ballroom dancing lessons. (You can show off your moves at the next wedding reception you attend.) Sign up for a martial arts class or couple’s yoga.

Challenge Yourselves

If aimlessly running on a treadmill isn’t your thing, why not sign up for a 5K race later in the year and make your significant other your training-buddy-slash-accountability-partner?

A specific goal — being able to climb a steep rock face, swim a specific distance, or compete in a Tough Mudder, for example — is often better motivation that the generic dream of “getting in shape.” Doing it together makes it more fun. (And you’ll have someone in your life who can empathize with your aching muscles.)

Get Outside

Instead of chatting on the couch after dinner, go for a walk. (Moonlit strolls are both romantic and healthy.) Go skiing next weekend. Dust off your skates and do a few laps at the local rink together. When temperatures start rising again, pack a lunch and bike to a secluded picnic spot a few kilometres away. Think outside the box — and outside the house — when planning dates in 2016.

Get Cookin’

The couple that cooks together keeps resolutions together. At-home date nights don’t have to hurt the waistline. Let a culinary expert steer you in the right direction at a healthy cooking class. Stroll through farmer’s markets together and choose local, seasonal produce together. Your goal of getting healthier might even turn you into an amateur chef, something no one around you will complain about.

What’s your favourite healthy date?