15 Reasons To Date Someone Who Lives With Their Parents

dating someone who lives with parents

Just because he lives with his mom and dad doesn’t mean he’s not great boyfriend material. Here are 15 reasons to date someone who lives with their parents.

  1. His landlords will be very happy to meet you.
  2. And they might make you dinner.
  3. And they won’t let him leave the house in a dirty shirt either. Your date will know how to do laundry.
  4. He can’t object to meeting your parents — since you couldn’t avoid meeting his.
  5. Wanna know what he was like as a kid? Take a tour of his childhood home and you’ll be getting a history lesson.
  6. A lot of people aren’t close with their parents. You’ll be dating someone who values and respects the family unit.
  7. It can be humbling to not have your own place. The fact that he brings you home says that he’s not prideful.
  8. His living situation isn’t typically a selling point. He’ll know you’re dating him for the right reasons.
  9. Sick of Netflix on date night? Don’t worry, he’ll be excited to take you out. (Bonus: Living with his parents means more disposable income.)
  10. You’ll appreciate your own apartment more.
  11. Homebody? Your date probably won’t mind hanging out at your place.
  12. He might be saving money with a specific financial goal in mind. Living with his parents could mean that he is disciplined, goal-minded, and values delayed gratification.
  13. Living with his parents might also give him the freedom to continue his education or take exciting career risks.
  14. Another reason for living with the ‘rents: taking care of them. Your date might be sacrificing his independence in order to give his parents a greater quality of life.
  15. He’ll be a great future roommate. If he can live peacefully with his parents, he’ll be great at living with you.