15 Reasons To Date A Ski Instructor

reasons to date ski instructor

If the cute ski instructor who just saved your life (or your pride) on the bunny hill asks you out this winter, say yes. Here’s why:

  1. Ski instructors are good communicators.
  2. They’re also good skiers. Your date will impress on the slopes.
  3. A ski hill is a challenging environment for teaching. Ski instructors can manage groups of inexperienced skiers, maintaining order and equipping new skiers with the skills they need to make it down the hill safely.
  4. Tired of dating couch potatoes? Ski instructors are physically fit and love the outdoors.
  5. Your date won’t whine about the winter chill.
  6. In the future, you probably won’t have to work too hard to convince your date to vacation with you in the Alps.
  7. Ski instructors take their responsibility for their clients’ safety seriously.
  8. Ski instructors are sexy — and in-demand. See “The Cult of the Ski Instructor.”
  9. Ski instructors are encouragers. Your date helps people challenge themselves and achieve their goals.
  10. Not everyone is a fast learner. Ski instructors are patient.
  11. Date a ski instructor and you’re likely to improve your own skiing skills.
  12. You can visit your date at work. Spend your weekends on the slopes — or sipping mulled wine in the chalet.
  13. You’ll finally have an excuse to buy new skis. (Your date won’t let you settle for your mom’s old hand-me-downs.)
  14. Ski instructors work in the daylight. His winter nights are all yours.
  15. Skiing can be rough on the body. Hello, couple’s massage!