Haunted Houses And Other Halloween Date Ideas

Need some Halloween-date inspiration? Here are our top picks for couples on the spookiest night of the year.

  1. Visit a haunted house — or castle.
  2. Go on a haunted walking tour.
  3. Or map out a haunted road trip.
  4. Go to a pumpkin patch together, then carve jack o’ lanterns.
  5. Learn to pair wines with horror movies.
  6. Scream the night away at a spooky amusement park or fairground.
  7. Dress to impress (or disgust) at a costume party.
  8. Participate in a zombie walk — or zombie evasion.
  9. Host a scary movie marathon.
  10. Get tickets for a murder mystery cabaret or dinner theatre.
  11. Dress up like Dracula, and/or see the famous story come to life at the ballet.
  12. Make dinner reservations at a haunted restaurant or hotel.
  13. Learn the dance moves to “Thriller,” then try to break a world record.
  14. Make your own scary movie in 48 hours.
  15. Go to a live Rocky Horror Picture Show event.
  16. Get lost in a corn maze. Maybe in a haunted one.
  17. Tell ghost stories by a campfire.
  18. Host a creepy dinner party. Not sure what to make? Epicurious has great “movie menus” inspired by The Exorcist, Friday the 13th and Halloween.
  19. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, head to Godric’s Hollow (known as Calgary’s East Village the rest of the year) or The Lockhart, a Potter-themed cocktail bar in Toronto.
  20. Dress up for a masquerade ball.
  21. Hand out candy to trick-or-treaters.
  22. Stay at a haunted Airbnb.
  23. Party on a ghost ship.
  24. Try to break out of an escape room.
  25. Binge on your favourite childhood candy while watching Hocus Pocus or The Goonies.

What are your Halloween plans?