12 Dates To Look Forward To This Spring

Spring Date Ideas

A few mild winter days have made us excited for the impending spring. Here are some dates you can look forward to as the snow begins to melt.

1. Long walks, no mittens required. (You can even go for a walk after work hours — and it won’t be dark yet!)

2. Gardening. It’s not glamorous, but it’s pretty rewarding to eat a meal you planted together.

3. Patio weather. That first patio drink of the year is the best one. Remember: it’s not summer yet, so bring a sweater.

4. Farmers’ markets. You’re about to find fresh fruits and veggies at the market again. (Not that there’s anything wrong with living off preserves and carbs.)

5. Bike rides. Your faces won’t freeze off.

6. Stargazing. According to National Geographic, half of 2016’s “must-see sky events” are visible this spring.

7. Barbecuing. Yes, you can barbecue in the snow, but no one will join you as you grill. Host a dinner party and invite guests to mingle on the deck before dinner.

8. The park. Pack a picnic lunch. Fly kites. Check out the cherry blossoms. Just go outside!

9. Play. ’Tis the season for amusement parks and mini-golf courses to reopen. Try lawn bowling. Go go-karting. Be kids again.

10. Volunteer. Now that you’re no longer hibernating, go out into your community and make a difference together. Sign up with Habitat for Humanity. Lend a hand at a local animal shelter. Help clean up an elderly neighbour’s yard.

11. Cinco de Mayo. Try a Spanish recipe or two, build a piñata, and host a dinner party for some of your favourite couples this May.

12. Fireworks. Make sure your Victoria Day weekend ends with a bang.

What dates are you most looking forward to this spring?





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