10 Pickup Lines For The Library

Library Pickup lines

If you’re escaping the Canadian cold this spring by browsing through the stacks at the local library, you might run into a cute stranger doing the same.

Here are 10 pickup lines to try at the library. (As with all pickup lines, use at your own risk.)

Go for the obvious:

  1. I just got a library card. Mind if I check you out?
  1. You must have some overdue books. You have “fine” written all over you.

Make the line book-specific:

These work best if you’re holding the book you’re referencing.

  1. Charles Dickens might have written Great Expectations, but I can surpass them.
  1. Wanna Middlemarch out of here and go get a coffee somewhere?
  1. We must be in an E. M. Forster novel. Any room with you in it is A Room with a View.
  1. I’m pretty sure Big Brother is watching you. On a scale of 1 to 10, you’re 1984.
  1. I wasn’t a big fan of “Eat” or “Pray,” but I’m on board with “Love.” You?

Strike up a conversation:

  1. (Pick up a book by the same author) Wanna start a book club?
  1. What do you look for in a man/woman — other than literacy skills?
  1. I want to impress a cute stranger with my book choice. Do you have any recommendations?

Have you ever successfully used a pickup line?