Summer Date Ideas For Sporty Couples

Sporty date ideas

The couple who sweats together stays together. Here are our favourite summer date ideas for sporty couples.

1. Sign up for a summer sports league together.
2. Play beach volleyball by the water. (Wear sunscreen. His-and-hers sunburns aren’t sexy.)
3. Challenge each other to a game of tennis. Loser buys dinner.
4. Be kids again and play mini golf.
5. Or find an outdoor paintball field.

1. Go to a ball game.
2. Cheer on your favourite team at a sports bar.
3. Host a dinner party and watch the Summer Olympics’ opening ceremonies with some of your favourite couple friends.
4. Start a hockey pool and watch the playoffs together.
5. Bet on the Euro Cup and watch the games on a patio.

1. Train for a race together.
2. Try couples’ yoga or boxing.
3. Take dance classes with an event in mind.
4. Go to the gym together. It’s good for you in so many ways.
5. Try something new, like horseback riding, squash lessons, or kayaking.

1. Go for a hike or bike ride. (Consider renting a tandem bike!)
2. Sign up for a city scavenger hunt.
3. Try geocaching.
4. Get out on the water! Go white-water rafting, canoeing or fishing.
5. Be each other’s spotters and go rock climbing.

What’s your favourite sporty date?