Six Dating “Rules” Worth Breaking

Not all rules were made for breaking, but we’d argue that these dating rules can be.

Dating “rules” worth breaking:

1. Play hard to get.

Related breakable rule: Women shouldn’t initiate contact.

Dating is stressful enough without all the games. It’s okay to be interested in someone. Smile. Be friendly and approachable. If someone asks you out, and you like him/her, just say yes.

2. Men should always pay.

Some men feel strongly about paying for the date — especially the first. But it never hurts to offer to pay, or to cover the post-dinner drinks, ladies. Maybe you’ll split the bill, maybe you’ll take turns paying for dates. Work out something that works for you as a couple. Don’t let an antiquated rule dictate how you treat money in your relationship.

3. Wait three days to call.

As with Rule #1, don’t play games. If you had a great time, follow up with a quick text or call. Want to ask her out again immediately? Go for it. Still laughing over something he said on your date? Fire off a cute email in his direction. Keep initial interactions short and sweet, but if you’re definitely interested, let your date know. Don’t leave them hanging.

4. Never date a colleague.

Dating in the workplace can be tricky, so break this rule with caution. That said, sometimes the office is the perfect place to meet someone with interests, values, and a lifestyle similar to yours. So don’t rule someone out just because your paycheques come from the same place.

5. Wait until you meet someone “organically.”

A common deterrent to online dating is the impression that it’s an inferior way to meet someone. It isn’t. The stigma associated with meeting a significant other online is long gone. Don’t stay away because of pride. If you’re looking for love, it doesn’t hurt to try to find it online.

6. The three-date rule.

Sex is not a game. You don’t owe it — nor should you expect it — after three dates. Some couples wait significantly longer before they do the deed, others wait for marriage, and others decide to have it sooner. Treat your partner with respect and talk about sex and your values and expectations surrounding it before initiating any significant physical advances.