7 Easy Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

After complaining about a too-cold winter, you’re now trying to date in a sticky, sweltering summer. Here are some easy ways to beat the heat on date night:

1. Beat the Heat: Dress For Success

Ignore the temptation to overdress (to impress) and keep your wardrobe choices light and airy. Opt for breathable linens and cottons. Wear shoes that allow for some swelling. Bring sunglasses and a hat. Long hair? Wear it up off your neck. Throw a water bottle, blotting papers and sunscreen in your bag. The more comfortable you are, the better the date will be.

2. Beat the Heat: Drink Up

Dehydration can put a real damper on date night, so be sure to drink up when it’s hot outside — whether you’re staying in or going out.

And while water-consumption is important and non-negotiable, cooling off with mint juleps or a pitcher of homemade sangria, too, isn’t the worst idea either.

Do the kids down the street have a lemonade stand? Take your date to the cutest drink spot in town. (Be sure to tip the kids well.)

3. Beat the Heat: Stay Home

Can’t handle the heat? Crank the A/C and stay home. Watch summer movies, order in dinner, sip refreshing (and iced) cocktails and wait for temperatures to cool before heading out.

4. Beat the Heat: Go Inside

When the weather outside is unbearable, go inside. Check out a new exhibit at a local art gallery or museum, check out the latest blockbuster, or visit a bowling alley and challenge each other’s strike skills.

Note: Bring a sweater. Some of these places overcompensate with the A/C, making for a chilly date night.

5. Beat the Heat: Go Out — After Dark

When the sun goes down, go out. Outdoor movies and theatre performances — perfect date options — are likely playing somewhere near you. Some are even free! Pack a blanket, bug spray and your favourite snacks.

If dinner hour is still too warm for you, wait until later in the evening to head to a local haunt. Sip drinks or split dessert on a patio as temperatures drop.

6. Beat the Heat: Go Out — Early

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day — and the early morning hours are often the most bearable during a heatwave — so why not swap a dinner date for a brunch one? Serve up pancakes in your own backyard, split a pot of coffee at a local diner, or head to a farmers’ market for fresh baked goods and fresh berries.

7. Beat the Heat: Go Out — On the Water

No pool? No problem. (Although a kiddie pool filled with cold water can be a much welcome backyard accessory, even if you don’t have kids. Pull up a lawn chair and dip your feet in the water as you catch up on your summer reading.)

Find a shady, breezy spot by a lake and picnic. Rent a canoe and spend the day on a river, cooling off in the water whenever the heat gets too much. Or head to the beach for a swim.

Note: Wear sunscreen. And reapply. Sunburns can really ruin the mood.

How do you beat the heat when temperatures skyrocket?