3 Fun Ways To Beat Cabin Fever

games for couples and groups

Colder weather brings cabin fever… it’s time to break out the games! Here are our picks for date night, a dinner party, or a large family gathering.

Games for Date Night (2 people)

All references to hanky-panky aside, there are plenty of games for two people.

  1. Challenge each other to a game of strategy — or good spelling. Dust off the checkers, chess or Scrabble board.
  2. See who has the steadiest hand with a round or two of Jenga or Crokinole.
  3. Get to know each other better with Would You Rather, forcing each other to choose between two extreme situations. (Would you rather have a head the shape and size of a baseball or of a trash can lid?)

Games for Dinner Parties (4 to 6 people)

When dinner’s over, pour a few drinks, relax on the couch and play a game or two.

  1. Get to know your guests better with Two Truths and a Lie, Never Have I Ever (with or without alcohol) or Marry, Shag, Kill.
  2. Bring back childhood favourites. Now’s the time to play Twister, Mousetrap or Operation.
  3. Get out the “grownup” board games: Ticket to Ride, Rummikub and Settlers of Catan are a few of our favourites.

Games for Family Get-togethers and Big Groups (6+ people)

With a group this size, most board games aren’t an option — unless it’s a team game like Cranium or Pictionary. Here are some board-free options for a crowd.

  1. You can’t go wrong with a euchre tournament. Even Grandma can join in.
  2. You’ve played Telephone. You’ve played Pictionary. Now it’s time to get out the scrap paper and play crowd-favourite Telephone Pictionary. (Learn how here.)
  3. Play games that require no materials, just a sharp mind and a sense of humour, like Questions or Fortunately Unfortunately.

Have fun!

What are your favourite games to play when the weather outside is frightful?


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