15 Reasons to Date an Athlete

If the recent Pan Am Games inspired you to start spending more time at the gym or the track, you might find yourself in a “meet cute” with an athlete. Should you have the chance to go for coffee with one post-workout, say yes.

Here are 15 reasons to date an athlete:

1. Athletes are fit.

2. And not that you’re shallow or anything, but “fit” is nice to look at.

3. Tired of dating couch potatoes? Athletes are disciplined with ingrained healthy habits. They’re active and eat their greens.

4. An athlete’s greatest competition is him/herself. Your date will be self-motivated, driven to improve his/her game.

5. Despite the displays of bravado on game/competition day, athletes are teachable and coachable.

6. Whether your date is on a team or just surrounded by coaches and trainers, your date understands the importance of teamwork.

7. The sun always comes out tomorrow. To be successful, an athlete must be able to bounce back from disappointments and failures.

8. Doctors’ significant others don’t get to watch them treat patients. You, on the other hand, can beam with pride as you watch your date in his/her element.

9. While everyone loves a cheerleader in his/her life, you can literally cheer on your partner.

10. Athletes are exceptional at what they do. Many people dream of participating in professional sports, very few do.

11. You might improve your own game, too.

12. Your date is competitive, which will make game nights more fun — or exasperating. Challenge him/her at your own risk.

13. While they generally train year-round, athletes have an off-season. Plan vacations accordingly.

14. Athletes often have to travel. You might get to tag along. (Or enjoy the time to yourself when he/she is away.)

15. Athletes are very focused. Your date just might find you to be a welcome distraction — as long as you still respect the game.

Can you think of any more reasons why you should date an athlete?