15 Reasons to Date an Architect

date an architect

We probably don’t need to convince you to say yes to that coffee date with the cute architect you’ve been flirting with, but here are a few reasons to date an architect anyway.

1. Brains are sexy — and architects use both sides of theirs.

2. Architects are well-educated. No high-school dropouts here.

3. Your parents — and friends — will approve.

4. It’s the ultimate dream job in pop culture. (George Costanza always wanted to be an architect — or at least pretend to be one. And Ted Mosby, “Architect of Destruction,” had us all wishing we signed up for Architecture 101.) You’ll be dating a real one.

5. Architects can pay their bills.

6. You can visit your date’s latest completed project.

7. Your date has good taste. It’s his job.

8. Because of #7, your date is likely also a good dresser.

9. Architects are good problem-solvers, listeners and interpreters, offering clients solutions that meet specific requirements and (hopefully) exceed their expectations.

10. You’ll finally have a reason to subscribe to Architectural Digest.

11. Your date is a team player, collaborating on projects and consulting with clients, designers and vendors.

12. Architecture is not an easy career path. Your date is hard-working and driven.

13. Not all projects are close to home. Your date might get to travel for work — and take you with her.

14. Architects are perfectionists. The details matter.

15. Because of #14, if your date helps you fix up your house, you know he won’t do a shoddy job.

Have you or are you currently dating an architect? What are your top reasons for choosing them?