15 Reasons to Date a Single Parent

Dating for single parents can be challenging, especially when trying to balance out the demands of work and life with raising a child. But, single parents make really great dates. Here are 15 reasons to date a single parent:

1. They love kids.

2. They have their priorities in order and know what matters most.

3. If you have kids, they will understand when you put your kids’ needs first and even occasionally postpone a date because of them.

4. Single parents really appreciate concentrated grownup time!

5. Every other weekend (or however custody has been arranged), you’ll have time for just the two of you. The rest of the time, kids become an important part of any date-planning.

6. Kid-friendly dates are the best. Have fun at the zoo, waterparks and science centres.

7. Single parents are patient and forgiving. And very protective of the ones they love.

8. Your date is already in a committed relationship, so they aren’t afraid of getting serious.

9. Single parents are careful and intentional when it comes to whom they date. If you made the cut, you must be special.

10. Your date likely knows how to make a good mac and cheese – and knows how to take care of you on sick days!

11. Feeling out of the loop? Single parents are up on what’s hip with kids these days.

12. Single parents are creative problem solvers and expert negotiators.

13. Tired of dating unreliable people? Single parents appreciate order, routine and discipline.

14. Having kids forces you to look into the future. Single parents aren’t afraid of looking ahead.

15. Your date knows what true love it.

Have you dated, or are you currently dating a single parent? What has been your biggest reason to stay in the relationship?