15 Reasons To Date A Personal Trainer

dating a personal trainer

If that cute trainer at the gym asks you out — You are going to the gym, right? It’s too early to bail on your New Year’s resolutions just yet — here are a few reasons why you should say yes. (After your workout, of course.)

15 reasons to date a personal trainer:

  1. Your date will encourage you to keep your get-in-shape resolutions, not enable your laziness.
  2. That body. Not that you should date someone for their muscles, but…a little eye candy never hurt anyone, right?
  3. You’ll finally have an excuse to buy cute workout clothes.
  4. You can visit your date at work. (You might have to book an appointment, though.)
  5. Personal trainers are goal-oriented. Your date helps others reach their goals and pushes them to be their best.
  6. Personal trainers are leaders. Clients look to them for guidance, encouragement and accountability.
  7. Sick of dating couch potatoes? Personal trainers have healthy, disciplined lifestyles.
  8. Your date’s healthy habits might rub off on you…
  9. …and you might inspire your date to relax a bit. A little couch time is good for the soul.
  10. It’s science! Your body releases oxytocin, the “love” hormone, when you exercise. Falling for your trainer just makes sense.
  11. Trainers might spend their days in gym wear, but they clean up well.
  12. As long as people keep making New Year’s resolutions, your date will keep having a job.
  13. Most personal trainers are self-employed. Your date is running his/her own business.
  14. Personal trainers understand that details count, like posture and form. Your date takes his/her job seriously.
  15. Personal trainers can be quite busy, working early in the morning and into the evening. Your date will appreciate taking a breather with you. Just don’t expect him/her to critique your squat form after-hours.