15 Reasons to Date a Lifeguard

date a lifeguard

If a cute off-duty lifeguard asks you about your Friday night plans, don’t be afraid to admit you’re free.

Here are 15 reasons to date a lifeguard:

1. You’ll be dating a literal lifesaver.

2. Lifeguards know CPR and First Aid — and can teach you a thing or two about mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

3. Visiting your date at work and going to beach or pool will be, for you, the same thing.

4. Care about a healthy lifestyle? Lifeguards are physically fit and strong.

5. Related to #4: They’re easy on the eyes.

6. Related to #5: Baywatch is still a sexy reference, right?

7. To be good at their jobs, lifeguards must focus well and have good observation skills and situational awareness. Nothing gets by them on their watch.

8. That whistle. Your date knows how to take charge of a situation.

9. Can’t stand rule-breakers? Lifeguards are rule-enforcers, always putting safety first — at least while on the clock.

10. Because lifeguards need to be alert and focused at all times, their hours aren’t long and unreasonable. (And not many pools or beaches have a midnight shift.) Date nights will be easy to plan.

11. Lifeguards are good with kids, often supplementing their income by teaching swimming lessons to youngsters.

12. Your date knows how to remain calm under pressure. You’ll want him/her around during an emergency.

13. Can’t stand indecisiveness or lollygagging? Lifeguards must make decisions quickly, trust their instincts, and respond to dangerous situations almost immediately.

14. That summer tan — and/or healthy sunscreen-application habits. (Both are attractive things to have.)

15. Your date can swim — and will probably love an invite to your lakeside cottage this summer.