15 Reasons to Date a Landscaper

Landscapers aren’t just good at making outdoor spaces look great – and they do! – they’re also excellent dates!  Here are 15 reasons to date a landscaper:

1. Your date won’t be “gym fit,” with muscles sculpted simply out of vanity, but actually “I-use-these-muscles-daily fit.”

2. The great outdoors is a typical day at the office. Dirt under the fingernails can be sexy, right?

3. That summer tan.

4. Don’t worry. After a day of getting dirty and working hard, landscapers clean up well.

5. Landscapers have busy seasons and off-seasons. While your date probably can’t get away for a week this summer, he/she might be up for a holiday when the temperatures drop.

6. Landscapers are problem-solvers, working with tricky terrain and creating beautiful spaces that were previously problem areas.

7. Many landscapers are small business owners: self-starters and motivated.

8. Your date has an eye for design and appreciates natural beauty.

9. Landscapers take pride in their work — and have something to show for their efforts at the end of the day.

10. Landscapers are not lazy. They’re disciplined, working hard under a hot sun all summer.

11. They literally make the earth move.

12. You might get a free consultation regarding that wonky back patio of yours.

13. Landscapers are leaders, often directing a team of labourers and making decisions on behalf of their clients.

14. Because of #13, landscapers are trustworthy.

15. Landscapers work during the day, leaving their evenings free to unwind with their dates. (Just don’t stay out too late. Work days can start early.)

Do you have any other great reasons to date a landscaper?