15 Reasons to Date a College Professor

dating a professor

It’s back-to-school season! All the more reason to say yes to dinner with a college professor — assuming you’re not his student.

Here are 15 reasons to date a college professor:

1. You can crush on a prof without stressing over finals.

2. Brainy is beautiful. Professors are smart, avid readers, and nerdy about the subjects they’re passionate about.

3. Sure, they’re smart, but professors don’t pretend to know everything. They are lifelong students, pursuing research grants, publishing papers and even taking sabbaticals to further explore their areas of expertise.

4. Dust off your blazer and brush up on your current events. You might get invited to some swanky faculty events attended by some intellectual greats.

5. College professors are respected by their students, colleagues and community.

6. It’s easy to visit your date at work: just sneak in the back of the class or audit a course.

7. Professors make a good living.

8. Related to #7, they can count on that good living to continue. Once tenured, professors have great job security.

9. Professors are well-educated, often with multiple undergraduate and graduate degrees. They understand the value of a good education — and hope to provide that for their students.

10. They’re not all old men in sweater vests. Remember, Indiana Jones was a professor.

11. Professors are good communicators. Their lectures are designed to both inform and engage, inviting students to participate in the conversation and/or debate.

12. (Some) college campuses are lovely to visit. Enjoy visiting without having to rush to class.

13. College professors are leaders, exhibiting confidence and authority in the classroom, lecture hall and office.

14. It’s an important job. College professors are teaching our future leaders.

15. You have the green light. You couldn’t date one when you were in college. Now’s your chance.

What are some of your top reasons for dating a college professor?