Woman happily opening a holiday gift next to the tree

He Got You What?! What his Holiday Gift Means

by Eharmony Editorial Team - December 25, 2008

Okay, the gifts are in and it's time to start decoding them. Does his gift indicate that he's into you? That he's thoughtful? Or maybe that you need to find a new love interest?

It’s the season for spending time with friends and family, decorating your home and holiday gifts! Have you ever wondered what your guy’s gift really means? From candles to jewelry, this holiday gift guide will tell you exactly what secrets the holiday gift from your sweetheart is hiding!

A Gift Certificate

To most girls, unwrapping a gift certificate is kind of a bummer. However, if the gift certificate is for your favorite store or restaurant, it’s a good sign! It means your guy has been paying attention and although he didn’t pick a specific thing, he wants you to have something you will really love.

[object=ad_300x250_articles]There is a down side to gift certificates, though! If the certificate is from a store you don’t really enjoy (like a home improvement store or something similar), it means he has no clue! Either you haven’t dropped enough hints or he didn’t feel like taking the time to really think about your gift! If this is a brand new relationship, perhaps your guy just doesn’t know what you’re into yet. However, if you’ve been together for more than 6 months, he should have a hunch by now!

Pampering Items

If your guy gets you candles, a bath set, a day at the spa or something similar – he gets bonus points! He cares about the way you feel and wants to pamper you. If he gets your favorite scent or flavor, he really gets bonus points! Unless you slipped a wish list under his pillow, this means that he knows you well and thinks you deserve the best things in life!

Kitchen Towels

If your guy got you kitchen towels, take all of his points away! Unless, of course these are the latest and trendiest kitchen towels ever and you have really wanted them for months! Kitchen towels and other house items like dishes, furniture or similar things are alright if you’ve been with your guy for a while or you’ve asked for them. If your long-term boyfriend or hubby buys gifts like this, it may mean that he wants you to have the best for your home. However, if it’s a new relationship, you may need to perfect the art of gift ‘hinting!’


When your guy buys you jewelry, you can be sure that you mean a lot to him! Bling-bling isn’t cheap and guys who ‘just don’t care’ usually will not spend money on jewelry for their girl. When a guy buys a woman jewelry, it usually means he is committed and in it for the long haul. This is especially true if he buys diamonds, which really are a girl’s best friend!

Chocolate or Candy and Roses

This is a great gift for a guy to get a girl he likes but hasn’t known for very long. Similarly, many guys get this gift when they just don’t know what else to get. If you’re in a brand new relationship and your guy buys you chocolates and roses, it means he really likes you and wants to get to know you better. Roses and chocolates are always a great gift for women and if he gets you this, he’s probably looking for the key to your heart!

A New Puppy or Other Animal

Imagine untying a bow to find an adorable, furry face looking up at you! For a newer relationship, it’s a great sign when a guy gives a puppy or other cute animal as a gift. This means that he wants to share a responsibility with you and he’s probably fairly committed to the relationship.

Getting a gift is really exciting, especially if it’s a gift from the guy you really care about or love. Although many guys are notorious for being terrible ‘gift-getters,’ most usually put some thought into gifts for girls they care about. By determining what your guy’s gift really means, you can see just how much thought he really put into your holiday gift!