5 Secrets to a Great Double Date

So, you wanna double-date? Here’s a quick guide to making sure you get the most out of a date for four.

1. Pick the other couple wisely.

Pick a couple you believe you’ll both get along with. (If your date is a recovering alcoholic, your frat brother and his cocktail-loving girlfriend probably aren’t the best pair for the night.)

Choose a duo with positive attitudes, a lovely, healthy relationship, and who will respect your relationship, too.

2. Plan a fun activity.

Choose an activity, restaurant environment or event that will spark lively conversations.

A few ideas: a sporting event, a picnic, an outdoor theatrical production, a boat tour, a local festival, or a fun theme restaurant. Or serve together at a charity dinner or food bank.

If you’re double-dating with your friends — and your date hasn’t met them yet — be prepared to make introductions and help start conversations.

3. Get organized — ahead of time.

Double dates can get confusing. Who pays? Who’s driving? Who made the reservations? Help eliminate date-day stress and awkwardness by sorting out these logistics in advance.

4. Still pay special attention to your date.

If you’re double dating with your best friend and his long-term partner, your date might feel like the fourth wheel — on a tricycle. Make sure you still treat your date like a date, and not just a buddy. (Chivalry and sweet flirtation shouldn’t disappear just because your friends show up.)

5. Follow it up with a one-on-one date.

Don’t overwhelm your significant other with back-to-back group dates. While it’s great to spend time with friends and share each other’s social circles, take some intentional time for the two of you.