Should You Wait For A Late Date?

waiting on a late date

There’s nothing worse than waiting for a date and not knowing whether or not they’re going to arrive! I remember going on my first date (after getting back in the singles pool) and getting stood up. What a horrible welcome into the dating world!

Another guy that stood me up kept messaging me to make sure I would be there (which I found strange) and then he never showed up either.

Regardless of who you ask, every person has a story about being stood up or having to wait for someone.

Waiting for the Late Date
So, what if a date is late? Do you wait for them? How long do you wait before throwing in the towel? There are lots of different thoughts about this, but in general, the protocol is:

Wait 15 minutes WITHOUT a call or message

Wait 30 minutes WITH a call or message

These times are pretty standard. Someone who is legitimately late will have arrived or contacted you by those times.  Otherwise, there’s no excuse! Punctuality is about respecting your date and their time.  Being late is no way to act with someone that you want to date.  Even if they call to apologize with some sort of an excuse, you have to think twice about what you want to do.  Use your judgement about giving them a second chance.  It’s really up to you.

Give people the benefit of the doubt and trust that they will keep the date and show up.  In the example I gave earlier, it was probably a sign that he kept messaging me over and over to make sure I was going. It felt off, and my gut was right.  You just have to make sure to confirm the time as well as the place and be responsible for your own actions.

Why People Stand You Up
More often than not, they could have: met someone else, lost their nerve, not been who they said they were, or been trying to get attention without any intention of meeting.  You don’t know, so no need to ever blame yourself. It’s not your fault. Dating is all about taking a chance – even though you will not succeed every time, you need to enjoy the process and learn from each experience. That’s the best way to get your desired results. Dating CAN be fun, it’s all about perspective. So go out there and HAVE FUN!


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