Top 10 Ways To Use Tactfulness As Your Secret Dating Weapon

Finding the right partner is becoming increasingly more difficult. That is why effective interpersonal and social skills are so important. The most common thing I hear from singles is that many of other singles that they meet lack social graces and can’t carry on an engaging conversation. I would have to agree that it is a problem. Most people live much of their lives “online” and an unfortunate side effect is that they are unable to communicate effectively with others face to face and this is affecting their dating lives. One of these skills that people need to develop is tactfulness.

Tactfulness is communicating in a way that considers other people, their feelings and emotions. When you’re tactful, you are more likely to say the right thing to your date or potential date rather than putting your foot in your mouth. Communicating tactfully demonstrates your ability to effectively have social interactions and reinforces who you are as well as helping you build trust and makes you appear more sincere.  Being tactful also shows that you have good manners and that you have adequate social graces. In the ever more competitive dating world, this skill will definitely help you stand out from the crowd getting you noticed. Tactfulness can also help you to make or break relationships with others in an effective way. I would argue that, because of this, it is your secret dating weapon that will help you become more successful in the dating world.

Top 10 Ways To Use Tactfulness As Your Secret Dating Weapon

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Think before you speak – avoid being reactive, instead you need to listen and think – then respond.
  2. Give and take – recognize that not everyone is going to think like you do, so know when to back down from a disagreement and acknowledge the validity in someone else’s position.
  3. Be considerate – always make a point to not cause inconvenience, embarrassment or hurt to others.
  4. Use discretion – keep secrets, don’t gossip and keep what’s between you and your date between the two of you- this includes not oversharing.
  5. Be grateful – make it a habit to say thank you for a date/experience regardless if it was good or bad, it’s just polite and you’ll never lose.
  6. Be positive – there is a positive in every situation, even the challenging ones, whether it be a lesson learned or a new experience keep it positive at all times.
  7. Don’t talk about others negatively – keep your opinion about others to yourself, it’s tacky and looks bad on you because if you talk about others to them then you will talk about them to others.
  8. Have common sense – date smart and listen to your gut because your intuition should be your ultimate guide to how to act.
  9. Know your limits – Know who you are, what you have to offer and what you want in a partner as well as what you’re willing to give, knowing your dealmakers and dealbreakers in a partner will help with that.
  10. Good Body Language – your body language speaks volumes so make sure you always have positive engaging nonverbal behavior.

Tactfulness is your secret dating weapon! Don’t miss out on some great dating opportunities because you didn’t communicate effectively. You need to stand out from the crowd and these tips will help you achieve that!

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