Regular Date Nights: To Schedule or Not to Schedule?

Regular Date Nights: To Schedule Or Not To Schedule?

Scheduled date nights: some couples swear by them, others cringe at the idea.

Dating trends change, even on Senior dating sites, so we’re looking at popular reasons to nix the idea — and why you should still give a planned date night a chance.

Argument against “date nights” #1:

A planned date night feels too contrived and robs a relationship of any spontaneity.

Reason to give them a try #1:

A scheduled date night guarantees that you’ll be spending at least one evening together a week — and gives both partners something to look forward to. (And just because you’ve planned a date night doesn’t mean there’s not room for spontaneity on that night — or any other, for that matter.)

Argument against “date nights” #2:

Routine ruins romance.

Reason to give them a try #2:

Routine is better than taking time together for granted — and neglecting to be intentional about quality time as a couple. Carving out sacred time once a week can be just as romantic as impulsive gestures.

Argument against “date nights” #3:

Date nights only fill up an already busy schedule. They’ll start to feel like work.

Reason to give them a try #3:

How you spend your time reflects your priorities. Put “dating your significant other” high on the to-do list.

Argument against “date nights” #4:

The pursuit is gone.

Reason to give them a try #4:

The pursued has something to look forward to all week. For individuals with the love language of quality time, scheduled date nights tells them that their loved one is trying to speak their language and give them what they need.

Argument against “date nights” #5:

You see each other all the time. A scheduled date night seems redundant.

Reason to give them a try #5:

Make one night a little more intentional than the others. A scheduled date night also helps establish a healthy habit for one life gets busier and you find yourselves spending less time alone together — or less quality time, anyway — than you’d like.