Places To Meet New People This Winter

places to meet new people

If one of your resolutions for 2016 was to “go on more dates,” a stumbling block to seeing it through might be meeting new people. Where do people meet each other, anyway?

Here are some places to meet new people this winter:

At Work

You might think you’ve met everyone at the office already — and maybe you have — but don’t rule out an office or office-related romance just yet. (What if your cubicle-mate has a cute single brother?) Instead of running home at the end of the day, stick around for happy hour and get to know your colleagues better. Fully participate in work culture. You might make new friends. You might even meet someone special through your coworkers.

At Church

If you’re trying to make church a bigger priority in the new year, commit to getting more involved in your faith community. (This applies to any religious group or volunteer organization.) It’ll be good for your spiritual life — and might up your chances of meeting someone with a compatible worldview.

At Class

You’ve always wanted to speak French fluently, so why not sign up for a class? Pursue an interest this year — photography, painting, pottery, swing dancing, etc. — and you’ll likely meet new people in the process. And you already have a hobby in common!

Also consider: joining an intramural sports team, singing with a community choir, or volunteering with your political party of choice.

At a Party

Stop turning down invites to your brother’s annual Groundhog Day party. The easiest way to meet new people is through people you already know. So say yes to dinner parties, ski weekends, pick-up hockey and road trips with friends this winter.

And if a friend wants to set you up with her awesome other single friend, let her. Bonus: You’ve established a character reference before the blind date begins.

With Your Tribe

Find like-minded folks at events that reflect your own interests and passions, however quirky. Attend trivia nights, poetry readings, conventions or beer-tasting events. Unleash your inner creator at a local maker space. Discover nearby trails with a walking group. Improve your knitting skills at a stitch ’n’ bitch.

At Your Regular Spot

Get to know the people around you. Introduce yourself to the barista at the coffee shop you frequent on an almost-daily basis. Don’t be afraid to say hello to people at the dog park, on the bus, or at your favourite lunch spot. Make an effort to fully participate in your life this year. (Yes, that means talking to strangers. Don’t worry, they won’t be strangers for long.)


If you’re reading this, we can assume you have access to a computer. Why not give online dating a(nother) try this year? Rewrite your dating profile, be honest about what you’re looking for in a relationship, stay open-minded, and show an interest in others.

Good luck!