How To Be A Great Wedding Date

how to be a great wedding date

Wedding season is fast-approaching. If you’re invited to be a “plus one” this summer, here are some tips to help ensure you’ll be a great wedding date.

Look great — and feel great.

Dress your best — within the guidelines of the dress code — but also make sure that your ensemble is one you feel great in. What can you comfortably sit, eat and dance in? Skip the shoes that always give you blisters and the dress that requires constant hoisting into place. You want to look great, but also appear low-maintenance, not fidgeting all day. (In the summer months especially, be prepared for both the hot sun and too-chilly A/C. Light layers are your friend.)

Stay positive.

Think the venue’s tacky? Keep it to yourself. Even better: compliment the details you find charming. Is your steak overdone? No one needs to know. Wish your boyfriend would hurry up and propose already? Don’t bug him about it at someone else’s wedding. Just enjoy the day together.

Don’t be a Debbie Downer. Keep your cynicism, criticisms and pining for a ring in check. Celebrate the couple’s big day without judging the bride’s gown choice or complaining about the hors d’oeuvres. Be a gracious guest.

Have fun on purpose.

Have you ever been to a wedding reception with an empty dance floor? Instead of feeling sorry for the bride and groom that their party just isn’t getting started, get out there and boogie! Commit to fully participating in the day, awkward kissing games and bouquet tosses included. You and your date might have way more fun hamming it up in the DIY photo booth than you thought — and you might inspire some other guests to join in on the fun, too. Consider your team spirit a gift to the newlyweds. (Um, but still bring a real, tangible wedding gift.)


Don’t know anyone? Mingle. Don’t just quietly follow your date around all night; actively engage with the people you’re being introduced to. Make it your mission to learn the names of everyone at your table. Make small talk with the person next to you at the bar. Even if you don’t know the bride and groom personally, make sure to congratulate them before the night is through. Weddings are social events, so turn on the (non-smarmy) charm.

Know your limits.

It can be hard to resist the open bar, so go in with a plan. How many drinks can you reasonably tolerate over the course of the evening? Opt for water between cocktails, and stop imbibing before it goes to your head. Drunkenness does not a good date make. (And never, ever drink and drive.)

What do you think? What makes a great wedding date?