Fall Dating Resolutions

dating resolutions for fall

Why wait until New Years to set goals and make resolutions? Maybe it’s because it’s back-to-school season, but fall always feels like a fresh start to us.

Here are a few dating resolutions to consider this fall:

Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Give yourself a personal dating challenge this fall. Commit to going on at least two dates before Thanksgiving. Or finally ask out the cute barista you flirt with every morning. Maybe you just need to start contacting matches, updating your online-dating profile or allowing your best friend to set you up with her cousin.

Say “Yes

Say “yes” to new opportunities — and to new people. Give someone who isn’t your “type” a chance. (One date won’t hurt, right?) Go on a blind date. Agree to a second date even if there aren’t fireworks on the first one. Answer questions honestly, stay optimistic, and don’t shy away from meeting new people.

Say “No

Maybe you have a few bad dating habits you need to break. This fall, embrace a little dating discipline and healthy relationship habits. So “no” to dwelling on your ex, complaining about your love life, repeating past mistakes and getting stuck in destructive dating patterns. (Time to revisit the “must have” and “can’t stand” lists.)

Create a Bucket List

We’re not talking about before-you-die bucket lists. Create a seasonal dating one and avoid getting stuck in a date-night rut this fall. (If you’re in a relationship, do this together.) List date ideas for fall, then refer to the list as you plan dates throughout the season. Be sure to include both things you love to do and things you’d love to try for the first time.

Go Back To School

’Tis the season to go to class. If you’re in a relationship, sign up for lessons together. (Ballroom dance? Cooking? Pottery?) And if you’re single, try something you’ve always wanted to learn. You’ll acquire a new skill — and meet new, like-minded people in the process!

Have Fun

Why so serious? Commit to thinking outside the box and making dating fun this season.

Laugh together. Instead of going to the movies on date night, head to a comedy club or improv night.

Play together. Join a beer-league ultimate frisbee team together or join musical forces and dare to perform at an open-mike night together.

Scream together. You’re never too old to brave a haunted house on Halloween.

What dating resolutions will you be making this fall?