2016 Dating Resolutions

new years dating resolutions

It’s resolution time! Hoping to do things a little differently, dating-wise, in 2016? Here are some dating resolutions to consider:

For singles:

Go on more dates.

Get over your fear of the dreaded first date by going on a few more of them in 2016. Don’t overthink that initial meeting. Just have fun and appreciate the opportunity to get to know someone new, with no pressure for anything else to develop. (If it does: bonus.)

Of course, this resolution might require you to say yes more often, put yourself out there a little more, or even — gasp! — initiate more frequently. But stepping outside of your comfort zone a little can be healthy. You might even discover that you are, in fact, quite the catch after all.

Accept help.

If you’ve been struggling to score dates on your own, maybe it’s time to let your sister set you up with her cute single coworker. Or maybe you should finally give online dating a try. Accepting a little help in the relationship department isn’t a sign of weakness. Ditch the pride and see what happens.

Do something for you.

This year, take up a new hobby or activity — or take up an old one you’ve been missing in your life. Sign up for dance lessons, cooking classes or a photography workshop. If you happen to meet someone special at one of these classes, great. If not, at least you’re pursuing something you enjoy. (A happy, healthy you is never a bad thing, when single or in a relationship. Make it a priority.)

Know what you’re looking for — and tell someone.

Ask yourself what you’re really looking for in a partner and/or relationship, and then tell a trusted loved one to hold you accountable to those must-haves. Start the year off right: date with some purpose.

Stop making the same mistakes.

Easier said than done, right? As the year comes to an end, reflect on the good and bad times. What would you have done differently, dating-wise? Being aware of mistakes and bad habits can help you avoid repeating them.

For couples:

Mix it up.

Couples who’ve been dating for a while can often get stuck in a rut. Mix it up in 2016. Pick a new restaurant on date night. Double date with a couple you don’t know very well. Create a bucket list of new adventures and things to try — go to the ballet, make Julia Child’s boeuf bourguignon, and rent bikes and explore a new neighbourhood, for example — in the new year.

Learn something new together.

If you order sushi every Friday night, why not sign up for a sushi-making class together? Attend a poetry reading, then trying writing your own. Visit a winery and learn a little more about your favourite date-night drink. Or sip on that favourite drink while you channel your inner Monet at a local “Paint and Sip” event.

Serve together.

Commit to giving back to your community as a couple this year. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or food bank. Cut grass or shovel snow for an elderly neighbour. Challenge some seniors to a euchre tournament at a nursing home. Or throw a neighbourhood garage sale for charity together.

Ditch bad habits.

Even the best of relationships can have weak spots. Maybe you don’t always fight fair. Maybe you’ve been struggling with communication issues. Maybe you don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to time management. Commit to establishing better habits in those areas this year, even if it means seeking out expert advice from a respected book, counsellor or pastor.

Relive the highlights.

Reflect on the past year: What were your dating highlights? A picnic in your living room on a rainy day? A coffee date that lasted for hours? Maybe it was the night one of you said, “I love you” for the first time. Or a hilarious road-trip-to-nowhere. In 2016, celebrate your unique love story by recreating one or two of those favourite memories. You might even start new traditions in the process.

What are your dating resolutions for 2016?