14 Creative Spring Date Ideas

It’s time to spring-clean your date-night routine! Here are some creative ideas to get your out of your cold-weather rut. No more takeout and Netflix for us, thanks.

Creative spring date ideas:

1. Recover from the dry winter.

Slough off that winter dryness and get pampered together with a couple’s mani and pedi. Or head to the spa to ditch all that “I’m so cold” tension you’ve been experiencing in your shoulders and back all winter.

2. Create a bucket list for the season.

Don’t let the spring (and summer) fly by without warning. It’s easy to look back on a season with regret: “Why didn’t we go on picnics?” “Why didn’t we attend that festival?” “Why didn’t we host a backyard movie night?” Spend a date night dreaming about what you’d like to do or make this spring and summer, then start scheduling them into the calendar.

3. Take up gardening.

Now that the ground has thawed, make it work for you. Spend a weekend working in (or creating) a garden, whether it’s in your backyard, on your balcony, or it’s just a few potted herbs on your windowsill. Not sure where to start? Sign up for a class through a local greenhouse, garden centre or community college.

Note: April 22nd is Earth Day. Maybe plant a tree together?

4. Host the first BBQ of the year.

Now that your backyard is in better shape, send out the invites and host a BBQ dinner party under the stars. String up some twinkly lights — rent outdoor heaters and provide blankets if it’s still a little chilly — and celebrate the end of your collective hibernation.

5. Buy something new — or old.

Hunt for treasure together. Freshen up your home(s) this spring with new art or accessories from an outdoor art show or antique market.

6. Go to the (amateur) theatre.

Every spring, high schools, colleges and universities everywhere put on impressive theatrical productions. Support emerging talent — and save a few bucks — by visiting your alma mater on date night.

7. Spring training.

It’s baseball season. Have hotdogs for dinner and cheer for your local team.

8. Go for a drive in style.

Surprise your significant other with an impromptu road trip in his/her dream car. Movie-star sunglasses recommended.

9. Oh, happy hour.

On a sunny day, grab drinks on a local patio. Or take advantage of the lack of parkas and dress up for cocktails after work at a downtown hotel.

10. Tour a winery.

With spring comes the beginning of wine-tour season in Niagara and the surrounding region. Book a tour and spend the day sipping vino, learning about wine and food pairings, and stocking up on bottles for a summer of entertaining.

11. Observe nature.

Get out the binoculars, pack a helpful guide book, and head to a popular lookout spot to spend a morning birdwatching together. (Maybe start really early and watch the sunrise, too.) Can’t do mornings? Spring is a great season for stargazing. Win over your love by naming a star after them.

12. Get fit.

Shed the winter weight — or just fight that winter atrophy — by training for a charity run together. Cheer each other on as you prep for a 5k. Consider upping the fun (and brightness) factor by participating in a Color Run.

13. Embrace an old-fashioned romance.

Plan an old-fashioned date, Pleasantville-style. Strap a picnic basket to the back of a rented tandem bike and head to a boardwalk or picturesque park for lunch. Go roller-skating. Order milkshakes. Then catch a classic film at an independent cinema.

14. Be kids again — before school’s out.

School’s not out yet, so the lines at the just-opened amusement park are still reasonable. Spend the day on the rollercoasters, get Scooby-Doo’s autograph, and split a funnel cake. Or visit the zoo before the crowds do — and before the heat of the summer encourages lethargy in some of the animals.

What spring dates are you looking forward to this year?







wine tours: http://engage.winetourstoronto.com/niagara-spring-wine-tours