8 Ways to Make a Great First Date Impression

Nervous about an upcoming date? Here are eight ways to make a great first-date impression:

1. Be on time — and be courteous.

Arriving on time shows your date that you respect his/her time, and are taking the meet-up seriously. Treat your date well, and extend all courtesies to others you meet during your date. The way you talk to servers, cashiers and strangers will be noted. A generous, kind date is more likely to become a second date.

2. Look presentable.

You don’t need to look like a supermodel on your date, but you should look like you put in some effort. Dress comfortably so that you won’t fidget — and make sure that you look at least somewhat like your online-dating-profile photo.

3. Act confident.

Even if you’re not feeling your most confident, fake it ‘til you make it. Your date is likely feeling nervous and a little insecure, too. A friendly smile goes a long way.

4. Be engaging.

Give your date your full attention. Listen intently. Be aware of your body language and lean toward your date, not away. Have interesting things ready to share in case your date isn’t feeling very chatty, and try to bring up some of the details of his/her profile that first caught your interest.

5. Stay positive.

Nothing is a greater turnoff than a bad attitude. Keep the conversation upbeat and refrain from sharing any cynicism you may have about online dating — or relationships in general — to yourself.

6. Don’t unload.

Yes, a first date is to get to know one another, but, no, you don’t need to air your dirty laundry to do that. If the relationship gets serious, you’ll have plenty of time to share what went wrong between you and your ex, why you failed for bankruptcy, et c.

7. Be yourself.

Sure, it’s the advice your mom gave you on the first day of school, but it still stands. Don’t just agree with everything your date says for the sake of being agreeable, and don’t try to conform to your ideas of what your date might want in a partner. You’re a great catch. Wouldn’t you rather someone fall in love with the real you, not a performance?

8. Follow up.

Want to see her again? Say so. Did you have a great night? Let him know. Don’t play games when it comes to asking him/her out again. If you’re interested in a second date, say so. Your straightforwardness will be refreshing.


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