15 Reasons to Date a Fisherman

Never dated a man in waders or bucket hat before? Maybe it’s time to give a fisherman a chance.

Here are 15 reasons to date a fisherman:

1. You’ll have all the fresh fish you can eat.

2. Slather on the sunscreen, grab a hat and join your date for as many boat rides as you can stomach. (Maybe grab the Gravol, too.)

3. Thanks to a few handy filleting lessons from your significant other, you’ll quickly become a better cook. It’s sashimi time!

4. Enjoy seeing the world from your date’s perspective. Fishermen appreciate the beauty of nature surrounding them — and have a healthy respect for the elements.

5. No more stuffy cubicles. Visit your date at work, and you might even get a tan.

6. You can use annoying phrases like “ahoy!” and learn how to properly use boat lingo.

7. In the off-season, you can go on vacation together. When it’s fishing season, enjoy time together on the water.

8. In fact, fishing is a hobby you can probably enjoy together. (Don’t worry, he’ll teach you.)

9. Most fishermen are also environmentalists, respecting ecosystems and honouring regulations.

10. Fishermen are patient. They can wait all day for a fish. So if a fisherman asks you out, he probably considers you worth waiting for.

11. If “rugged” and “outdoorsy” is your type, look no further.

12. Your date isn’t afraid of change. Fishermen are adaptable to changing weather and water conditions.

13. Can’t stay up with night owls? Never fear, your date’s a morning person.

14. Fishermen are in great shape and good with their hands. Good luck not swooning when your significant other rolls up his sleeves and reels in a huge catch.

15. Fishermen are dedicated and don’t give up easily. You won’t be dating a commitment-phobe.