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29 Dimensions® of Compatibility

Most people know that the key to success in a long-term relationship is compatibility. But what does that mean? If you and your new mate both like foreign movies and mocha ice cream, will you still feel the magic in 25 years?

eHarmony matches singles based on a deeper level of compatibility, not likes and dislikes, but true compatibility. Do you and your potential mate resolve conflict in a similar fashion? Are you both romantics at heart? And we are the only online dating web site that matches singles based on these 29 Dimensions®. To help you better understand these dimensions, we've grouped them into Core Traits and Vital Attributes.

Core Traits are defining aspects of who you are that remain largely unchanged throughout your adult life. Vital Attributes are based on learning experience, and are more likely to change based on life events and decisions you make as an adult.

These key areas paint a powerful portrait of who you are at the deepest level and form the basis for how our patented Compatibility Matching System® finds singles that are truly right for you.

Core Traits

Emotional Temperament - Dating and Relationship Compatibility
How do you feel about yourself and about the world? While specific day-to-day and moment-to-moment events play a major role in our emotions, deep-seated patterns of emotion are also a fundamental part of who you are and how people perceive you. The following dimensions are considered part of your Emotional Temperament: Self Concept, Emotional Status, Energy: Emotional, Obstreperousness, and Passion: Romantic.

Social Style Relationship Compatibility
How do you relate to other people? Do you crave company, or prefer to be alone? Are you more comfortable leading, or do you prefer to go along with the group? Basic feelings such as these comprise an important aspect of who you are and who you will be most compatible with. The dimensions which define your Social Style are: Character, Kindness, Dominance, Sociability, Autonomy, and Adaptability.

Cognitive Mode Dating Compatibility
How do you think about the world around you? Are you motivated by an insatiable curiosity about the world and events around you? Are you constantly looking for intellectual challenges? Do you find humor to be your favorite coping strategy when dealing with the world? Although Emotional Temperament and Social Style can impact on this trait, your Cognitive Mode is an important separate aspect of who you are, and defines a lot of the ways in which you interact with people. The dimensions which define your dominant Cognitive Mode are: Intellect, Curiosity, Humor, and Artistic Passion.

Physicality - Dating and Relationship Trait
How do you relate physically with the world? How do you relate physically with yourself? Are you energetic, athletic and constantly in motion? Or are you more comfortable and happy walking than running? Feelings and thoughts which revolve around your physical life form an important aspect of who you are. The dimensions which deal with your Physicality include: Energy: Physical, Passion: Sexual, Vitality and Security, Industry, and Appearance.

Vital Attributes

Relationship Skills for dating compatibility

The amount of effort and skill that you devote to making a relationship work are key elements of who you are, and what type of person you are most likely to succeed with in a relationship. The dimensions that identify your Relationship Skills are: Communication Style, Emotion Management, Conflict Resolution.

Values and Beliefs for dating compatibility
Values and Beliefs are at the center of most of our life experiences. How we feel about spirituality, religion, family and even politics influence how we think about the world and who we are going to be most comfortable sharing our lives with. The dimensions that determine your Values and Beliefs are: Spirituality, Family Goals, Traditionalism, Ambition, and Altruism.

Key Life Experiences for dating and relationship compatibility
All of your life experiences combine to affect who you are and how you relate to the world. Although many of the effects of these experiences are represented by the other Core Traits and Vital Attributes, the following dimensions are considered part of your Key Experiences: Family Background, Family Status, and Education.