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Jude and Tracy

Location: Stillwater, OK
Married: May 25th, 2009

About to close my account after a year of unsuccessful matches, eHarmony matched me with Tracy. Tracy and I moved through the questions and into open communication in less than a week. Not long after that we exchanged personal emails and phone numbers and began writing longer emails and anticipating phone calls from each other. We seemed to hit it off immediately and were anxious to check our emails or couldn't wait to talk to each other on the phone. We found ourselves talking for hours while staying up late at night on the phone with each other. I had a gut feeling I had already fallen in love with her before the first time we met. Finally, after about one month we were able to meet in person. Tracy was everything I expected and more.

Tracy wasn't quite sure at first about dating someone with a disability, especially one so far away. Having been in a wheelchair for over 10 years, I had accepted my disability as part of who I was but knew it would always raise questions within a new relationship. Since Tracy is such a thorough person with a big heart, as time passed and several questions were answered my paralysis became a secondary issue to who I truly was. Over the next two years we flew back and forth to see one another as often as possible. As I look back, it's truly amazing to see how our relationship grew into what it is today with the two of us living 1400 miles apart from each other. The first week of July 2008, I flew out to California to be in Tracy's best friend's wedding who also met her husband through eHarmony (now the third successful match in a close circle of friends).

On July 2, 2008, with all the attention on her best friend getting married I was able to pull off my surprise proposal in the middle taking her out to lunch for her birthday. In just one week, Tracy is moving to from San Diego to Oklahoma to live near me and start planning our wedding. I never was a huge fan of online dating or believed long distance relationships could last very long. Thanks to eHarmony I look at things a little bit different today. I have definitely found my true love and the individual I want to spend the rest of my life with.

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