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Long Distance

Maria and Gary

Location: Pensacola, FL
Married: May 24th, 2008

How do you fall in love over the internet and despite thousands of miles in between? This is a question that neither Gary nor I have been able to answer. But it happens and it's not just a dream, it actually came true. I was in Bogota, Colombia and Gary in Pensacola, Florida. We started to communicate through eHarmony, and then moved on to emails, phone calls, instant messaging and ended in video calls every day. Both of us came from a previous traumatic relationship and were very skeptical about ever falling in love again, but we did. We fell in love even before holding each other or having any physical contact. We both fell in love at first sight. We both knew it since the first time we saw each other on the webcam.

A couple of months later, meeting in person just couldn't wait any longer so I took three weeks off from work and went to Pensacola. I can still remember that afternoon in November when I was walking down the aisle of the Pensacola airport when I saw him and tried to walk calmly but half way through couldn't help myself and ran straight into his arms. Since that moment, it felt like if we had known each other forever. We have so much in common and even our differences are great because we complement each other. Our wedding day was just like a dream come true. I have never been so happy in my entire life. I will soon move to Pensacola and start a new life with Gary. Our love is so strong we have been able to overcome the distance, difference in cultures and many hard moments. We're so in love with each other that there are no words in this world, enough to describe it. We're so thankful to eHarmony. Our match was just PERFECT! Muchas Gracias!

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