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Jenn and Chris

Location: Mount Isa, Australia, Sacramento, CA
Matched: August 16th, 2008

Chris and I met on August 26th 2008. 

After unsuccessfully finding a match within my state of California or in the US for that matter I decided to open up an international search to see what might happen.

When I saw Chris's profile and picture I got excited and felt he was someone I could see myself being with just from reading his profile. 

I had preferred guided communication and sent him the 1st set of questions, he responded back with a fast track request because he was only on for the free communication weekend. 

What can I say after many months of chatting on messenger, numerous e-mails and phone calls, Chris made travel plans to come visit me here in the US.  On May 4th 2009, I picked Chris up in San Francisco and spent 16 incredible days together.  During his time here he met my best friend Noel, my family and close friends at work, all of which loved him. What really sealed the deal was my son Cody meeting Chris, they got along great and Cody gave me the thumbs up!

I am planning a trip to Australia, we will spend a few days in Cairns and then we are going to Chris's hometown of Christchurch NZ to meet his family and friends.  We will be getting married in a little family ceremony while on Holiday, the date is to be determined.

I am so lucky to have met my future husband on this site and it just shows that there is a soul mate for everyone; they might just not be right around the corner.

I love Chris so much, Thank you eHarmony for allowing this to happen.

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