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Sue Nador writes about marriage and relationships with some serious street cred. She has been married for over 25 years to the most tolerant man on the planet who provides endless fodder for her weekly blog, The Relationship Deal. Sue tackles tough topics—faithfulness, dual careers, housework, and more—with a straight-talking, no-nonsense and self-deprecating style. She and her husband have two university-aged sons, and a canine daughter they spoil rotten in their empty nest. Sue is also a management consultant with a passion for making business relationships work better. She is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, the Good Men Project, 2life and other media.  Keep up with Sue on Twitter (@Sue_Nador) and Facebook (TheRelationshipDeal).

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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Play Hard-To-Get

Perhaps you heard the advice from your mother, or a well-meaning friend. Or maybe you read a book like “The Rules” that convinced you to never call a guy first, accept a date at the last minute, or offer to pay for coffee. In other words, smart women play hard-to-get. At first blush, playing hard-to-get […]

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Why Mr. Right May Be Too Good To Be True

You read that right – Mr. Right may be too good to be true. That’s the bad news. The good news? It doesn’t matter. The Situation Many years ago, an older relative grew concerned about my limited dating history. “You are waiting for a knight in shining armour,” he admonished. It’s not like I didn’t […]

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Are You Snooping On Your Date? Three Reasons To Stop Right Now.

I asked my friend, “Libby”, “Do you ever snoop on your boyfriend—like read his texts when he’s not looking?” “No,” she said emphatically. This surprised me. Libby is an incredibly nosy person. So my follow-up question was, “Have you ever snooped on a boyfriend?” “Yes,” she sighed. Libby is not alone. According to a survey, […]

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Your First Vacation As A Couple? 3 Ways To Get Along!

Are you planning your first vacation as a couple? YAY, what a great step in your relationship. There is no better way to really get to know someone than spending concentrated time together, outside of your natural habitat. Unfortunately, for too many couples, their vacation together is not all fun. For instance, a study by […]

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Does Your Partner Care How You Make A Living? 3 Questions To Find Out Now.

“What do you do?” I love to ask this question when I meet someone new—at parties, at the gym, at the dog park. I’m insanely curious about how people make a living, especially when their world is so different than my own. But the question, “What do you do?” takes on extra meaning when we […]

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Have You Had “The Talk” About Housework?

You are watching the roving dust elephants in your living room crash into the dust bunnies. And your romantic partner is expecting you to tame them. But your growing menagerie doesn’t bother you. Life is short. Should you really be wasting your time pushing a vacuum when you could be pushing pedals in your spinning […]

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You Love Watching Grey’s Anatomy. He Loves Watching Making A Murderer. Is This A Problem?

Yesterday, after dinner, my husband announced, “I’m going to watch the basketball game,” and headed to the basement. The Toronto Raptors were playing the Portland Trail Blazers. My husband is a huge hometown fan. Since the start of the season I have been hearing random bursts of “YES!!!” emanating from downstairs as the Raptors sink […]


Did Your Romantic Interest Let You Down? Here’s What To Do About It.

You met someone online three months ago, and you invited him to dinner for the first time at your place. You cooked and cleaned, and spent a small fortune on oysters, Camembert and red wine. After he arrived, you led him into your living room for drinks and appetizers. The conversation was flirtatious, and you […]

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Is Your Partner’s Ex Driving You Crazy? 3 Ways You Can Make It Stop.

I met my friend Tara for dinner last week at a downtown bistro. Coming in from the chilly Toronto sidewalk, I was greeted by her warm smile. After kisses on both cheeks, we quickly ordered two glasses of red wine, and dove into delicious grilled calamari and spicy chatter. We were having great belly laughs […]

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“Show” and “Tell” Your Partner Your Love This Valentine’s Day

After decades of marriage, I can predict what my husband will get me this Valentine’s Day. It is the same every year. He writes a cute saying on a blank card, and places it next to a small box of artisanal chocolate for me to find on my placemat at breakfast. I don’t want or […]

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